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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello all, hope you are still here with me, I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything to this blog but my life took a turn and I've been really busy trying to make the donuts (Monies!!!). I have started working from home with 2 great companies that has taken up most of my day but I am blessed to have found them. So I will be sharing that information with you and any other wah jobs that I come across. I am not a representative of any of this jobs nor do I get paid to do so. I just know that in this economy jobs are getting hard to come by and money is needed by all to pay the bills and take care of your families.

The first job I have been with since April of this year (2012) and I love this job, great flexibility and great hours. It is called Virtual Office Staffing they pay by the min but by the hr Pay starts at $9 you can check them out at when you go to the website click on the employment opportunity tab and fill out the form Please tell them Yetta Shirley sent you after you complete the form send an email with your resume to You MUST have high speed internet, reside in the US or Canada, be self-discipline to work from home and have good phone and customer service skills. You are paid via Pay pal every week minimum hrs are 20 you can do more if there are clients available but work is always there.

The second job is Maritz Research this is another one I think will last I will be with them for a very long time :) I love it. You will need to send an email to Angelique Rodriquez @ Tell her your interested in the At Home Telephone Interviewer Position She will send you an email back and let you know what to do. Please Tell Her Yetta Shirley sent you. This is a very easy job, you will be monitored or recorded so you will need to have minimal back ground noises a telephone line is required  but they do allow cell phone use (If using your cell it must have a clear line and unlimited service)  they will also send you a dialer with headset if you are using your home phone Minimum hrs are 20 you can get up to 40 or above a week if you want 8 hrs on the Weekend are required every weekend You can work the whole 8 hrs or you can work 4 hrs each day it's up to you 4 hrs a day is the minimum. Pay is $7.25 to $8 hr You will need broadband connection to the internet

I will share more as I find them Happy Job Hunting everyone!!!!

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