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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wow Grand Kids!!!

Spent time with my grand kids this weekend, I really enjoyed seeing them seems like it's been so long since I've saw them started having dreams the week before that they were here and finally. I love spending time with those little monsters. Nevaeh had me and mommy making Christmas cookies she was so excited that she wanted to decorate them before they were even baked lol she is a hot mess but so dogon adorable she cracked us up the whole time. Even when she had a attitude with her mom and told her she wanted a new mom she is only 4 and she says that she is ruining her life Wow!!! Her mom told her to go ahead and pack her things and go outside and find her new mom and be sure and leave all the cloth that she bought here.She said she could'nt because it was dark outside roflmbo!!!Out of the mouth's babes. Just wait until she turns 14 what are we going to do with her then only time will tell.

Now my lil lamont jr. he is so adorable everytime I look at that little fast I just want to kiss his little cheekie's as his mom calls them running around the house with his hair flowing in the wind everyone wants his mom to cutt it but she is just not having it right now. He loves his uncle Lonnell we had the cuttest moment with those two in the room together he just crawls up next to him and grabs the game controler like he's playing Xbox I missed that perfect pic because my crazy phone was to full. If he starts playing I'm gonna put him on That's Incredible (Is that show even still on lol)2 yrs old and looks like a little man already we think he loves his uncle so much because they are somewhat alike they don't talk much,Don't want to be bothered with to many people they keep to themselves unless they are ready to ask you for something or need to eat lol To funny.

Love You Babies!!

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